Podcast Transcript: Dan McMurtrie

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Podcast Transcripts: Dan McMurtrie Brandon Beylo (host): This is take two with Dan McMurtrie of Tyro Partners. One of those issues we covered is the whole topic of inverted shorts. Which I think is such a fascinating idea, where you’re trying to look for ideas on the long side by inverting […]

Steven Wood: Constructivism & The Psychology of A Great Investor

This week we had a conversation with Steven Wood founder of Greenwood Investors. We covered a variety of topics ranging from joining the board of 500-year-old Portuguese Institution, Steven’s latest book “The Builders”, and the white paper he is publishing on how family businesses operate. Steven is a huge psychology geek and he gave us […]

Harris Kupperman: IPO Unlocks, KEDM.com, Tankers & More!

Welcome back Harris Kupperman! This is the second time Kuppy is on the Value Hive Podcast. This time around we talked about different event-driven strategies found on his Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor (KEDM) such as investing in post-bankruptcy stocks and IPO unlocks ($AFRM), what is like managing an event-driven portfolio and at the end of […]

Rob Mahan: Deep Value Investing in Eastern Europe

This week we chat with Rob Mahan. Rob’s a part-time investor and founder of DeepValueInvestments.wordpress.com. Rob’s blog is dedicated to finding massively discounted stocks from every part of the world. His findings take him through Eastern Europe, Asia, and all across the market cap spectrum. Rob is a traditional deep value investor. He seeks businesses […]

More Q2 Letters, Costco’s Genius and Aswath Damodaran

Happy August! We hope you’re staying cool and your portfolio remains hot. We’re nearing the end of our Q2 letter analysis. After this week we’ll head back to more topical coverage of various investing related articles, videos and blogs. In other house-keeping news, we’ve got a killer line-up of podcast guests this month. Can’t wait […]

Greenhaven Road, Laughing Water and Tao Value Q2 Letters

Hope you had a great weekend! Can’t believe we’re almost through July. Where did the month go? Is it me, or does it feel like months fly-by when the market goes up? Anyways, we’re halfway through 2020 and things get weirder each day. As a reminder, the Pentagon said they’d release proof of alien spacecrafts […]

Q2 Letters, SPAC Analysis and Michael Mauboussin’s Latest Podcast

Hope you had a great weekend! We’re in the dog-days of Q2 investor letter season. And we love every minute of it. If you haven’t had the chance, check out Part 2 of my series, Cash Flow: It’s All That Matters. Part 2 discusses two cash-flow frameworks that changed my investment process: Operating Cushion Core […]

More Q2 Letters, 13F Regulations and Bill Miller Podcast

Hope everyone’s off to a great week! We’re smack in the middle of Q2 Letter Season (one of our favorite times at Value Hive). As always during this month, we’re heavy on investor letters and new ideas. If you have any new ideas you want shared with the Value Hive community, let us know! We’ll […]

Q2 Letters, Jim Chanos and An Undervalued Student Loan Play

Hope all our American Hive members had a great Fourth of July weekend. I spent mine driving to Hilton Head, SC. Which reminds me. If anyone’s in this gorgeous part of the country, let me know! Would love to meet up for some coffee to talk stocks, investing and why I haven’t moved down here […]

Career Risk, Sports Stocks, Li Lu and What Makes Stocks Go Up

Hope your week is off to a great start! We’ve got a lot to cover this week. But before we do, I want to briefly discuss the Macro Ops Collective. The Collective is our premium service offering. It’s unlike any other investing resource on the market. We’re a group of people dedicated to the craft […]