Harris Kupperman: IPO Unlocks, KEDM.com, Tankers & More!


Welcome back Harris Kupperman! This is the second time Kuppy is on the Value Hive Podcast. This time around we talked about different event-driven strategies found on his Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor (KEDM) such as investing in post-bankruptcy stocks and IPO unlocks ($AFRM), what is like managing an event-driven portfolio and at the end of the episode, he answered some of the questions from the Twitter community!

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Here is the time stamp: 

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:30] What is the IPO Unlocks Arbitrage Trade.
  • [5:40] IPO Unlocks: $AFRM
  • [11:00] Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor (KEDM)
  • [16:00] Event Driven Strategies: Post-Bankruptcy 
  • [23:00] Managing an Event Driven Portfolios
  • [33:00] $POWW
  • [35:00] Bitcoin 
  • [43:00] Michael Burry’s Portfolio
  • [46:00] Tankers Bull Thesis ($STNG)
  • [50:00] Inflection Point Investing 
  • [52:00] Twitter Q&A 
  • [52:00] How to use the KEDM as a noob investor?
  • [54:00] Uranium Equities? 
  • [1:00:00] Playboy 
  • [1:03:00] Why is $JOE not moving? 
  • [1:04:00] Kuppy’s Future

If you liked what you heard and want to learn more about Kuppy, follow him on Twitter here. You can also check out his website AdventuresInCapitalism.com, and for qualified investors, his fund Praetorian Capital.

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