Will Thrower: Deep Value Opportunities in Japan & Australia (Ep. 47)

Will Thrower is one of the most under-followed investors on Twitter. In fact, his Twitter profile is like the companies he hunts for: undervalued with long runways for growth. Our conversation took us from chicken farms in China to equity trading offices in London.
How Will got started in markets is such a fascinating story. It was one blog post, picked up by Bloomberg, that led to a job as an equity analyst.
We spend over an hour discussing how Will finds ideas, the opportunity set in Japan and Australia, and why US investors should think twice before passing over an International business because, “A US competitor can do the same thing.”
Here’s the time-stamp for our chat: 
  • [0:00] The Chicken Farm
  • [5:30] What led you to become an equity researcher?
  • [20:30] The Beenos Thesis (3328.T)
  • [33:20] Questions that You Want Management to Answer.
  • [35:20] An Ideal Investment
  • [40:40] Nano Cap Investments and Competitive Advantages 
  • [54:00] Positioning Sizing
  • [1:01:10] Advance Nano Tek (ASX: $ANO)
  • [1:16:00] More from Will Thrower
  • [1:19:22] Closing Questions
This was one of the more esoteric conversations I’ve had on the podcast. Will is intellectually bright, honest and has a thirst for learning. He’s also a good investor. Two of the companies he wrote on his blog have gone on to generate monster returns. Beenos (3328.JP) is up over 30% since he wrote about it. And Base (4477.JP) is up nearly 40% since late August. 
If you enjoyed our conversation and want to learn more about Will Thrower, check out the following resources:
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