Michael Fritzell: Investing Opportunities In Asia & Beyond


Michael Fritzell is a Swedish Investor based in Singapore and the owner of the Asian Century Stocks Newsletter.

During our talk Fritz shares the path that took him to live in Beijing, the cultural differences that he noticed while living there, the geopolitical issues between China and Taiwan, and of course his investing experience as a Swedish investor in the Asian equities market, including:

Diligence for Asian companies The role of the Chinese Government inside companies Some misconceptions that investors have about investing in China Why he is bullish on Delfi ($P34), China Unicom ($762) and Sanrio Company ($8126).Here is the time-stamp:

  • [0:00] Who is Fritz?
  • [4:00] Learning Chinese in Beijing
  • [7:00] Major differences between living in Sweden and China.
  • [11:00] Being a Buy Side Analyst Based in Shanghai
  • [13:00] The Chinese Government’s Role Inside Companies
  • [21:00] Chinese State Owned Enterprises
  • [24:00] The Chinese Invasion Threat
  • [25:00] The CCP wants to invade Taiwan before 2049
  • [34:00] Delfi ($P34)
  • [44:00] China Unicom ($762)
  • [52:00] Sanrio Company ($8136)
  • [1:01:00] Misconceptions about investing in China.
  • [1:08:00] Closing Questions and More from Fritz

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