Erick Mokaya: Investing in Nordic & African Businesses

This week we chat with Erick Mokaya. Erick is a Ph.D. student at the Stockholm School of Economics, lead author for Transcript, and a life-long learner. He loves studying businesses and finding companies in the Nordic and African markets.

Our conversation starts with Erick’s inspirational background, working harder than anyone else to get into the best schools. Erick Mokaya got his work ethic from his mother. There are some great stories in there about her work ethic too.

From there, we dive into the opportunity set in Nordic countries, discuss the importance of Africa as the next investment frontier, and end with a few closing questions.

You can find the time-stamp below:

  • [1:05] Intro Questions & Why Erick Works So Hard
  • [6:05] From Kenya to Sweden
  • [11:33] Ted Lasso & Warren Buffett
  • [17:25] Working At Colossus
  • [19:01] Learning The Power of Inactivity
  • [26:23] Investing in Nordic Markets
  • [37:26] Where To Find Value in Nordic Markets
  • [46:10] Why You Need To Care About Africa
  • [54:01] Jumia (JMIA)
  • [61:01] Africa: The Fast-Growing Continent
  • [64:09] Closing Questions

If you like what you heard and want to learn more about Erick Mokaya, check out these links:

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