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$SE, $GRVY and Digital Transformation w/ Mads Christiansen

Mads Christiansen is a private investor specializing in digital transformation, e-gaming and technology. He freely shares his thoughts and ideas on Twitter and also runs a YouTube channel (both you can find in links below). Mads got his investing capital from his job as a medical practitioner. While working, he parked his money in passive index funds.

As his itch for investing grew, he found himself drawn to e-sports, gaming and digital transformation companies,. These are companies with long secular tailwinds at their backs. To Mads, if you start your fishing trip in the best ponds, you’ll end up catching a few big winners. And that’s exactly what he’s done. A couple of Mads’ big winners include Sea, Ltd. (SE) and Gravity (GRVY).

Mads and I chat about poker, investing, bet size, portfolio management and specific investment ideas. Check out the time-stamp below:

  • [0:00] Who is Mads Christiansen?
  • [4:30] Specialization vs Generalization
  • [8:00] How to develop the specialization skill?
  • [11:00] How to not suffer from FOMO?
  • [13:00] Poker and Investing: $MELI Case
  • [20:00] Gaming and eSports
  • [24:30] Challenges in Analyzing the Gaming Industry
  • [27:30] eSports
  • [30:30] Mads’ Portfolio Picks: $SE and $GRVY
  • [35:00] Valuing $SE
  • [41:00] $GRVY
  • [47:00] Portfolio Construction
  • [49:50] Customer Attention and the importance of it for a Value Investor.
  • [56:00] New Opportunities
  • [57:00] Closing Thoughts
  • [1:00:40] Closing Questions

If you liked our conversation, consider following more of Mads’ thoughts:

Thanks again to Mads for coming on the podcast! I look forward to reading more of his ideas and watching his portfolio reviews.

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