Lawrence Hamtil: Six Industries With Durable Moat Advantages


Lawrence Hamtil is a sixteen-year veteran of the financial services industry, having served clients in all aspects of the business during his career, which started in 2002. In 2005, he joined Dennis Wallace of Fortune Financial Services, LLC, becoming, at the time, one of Multi-Financial Securities, Inc’s youngest registered representatives.

We spend our time discussing six industries ESG investors love to hate: tobacco, railroads, defense, waste disposal, airports, and specialty chemicals. We also chat about virtue signaling, brand building, and weightlifting.

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Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [0:00] Intro questions
  • [12:35] Quality Tilt To Moat Businesses
  • [21:22] Six Types of Durable Moat Industries
  • [28:46] International Investing Approach
  • [40:14] Railroads
  • [49:11] Ark Invest’s Bad Ideas Report
  • [51:53] Get Rich Slowly
  • [64:09] Craft Breweries & Brand Disruption
  • [75:32] Barbell Portfolio
  • [81:18] Bitcoin & Speculative Investments

Thanks so much, Lawrence Hamtil for coming on the show! Can’t wait to chat again soon!

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