FromValue: How To Find Life-Changing Stocks

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Kris (@FromValue on Twitter) is the author of From Value To Growth premium research service on Seeking Alpha. Kris has grown his audience to >21K followers on Twitter and Seeking Alpha each. His job is simple: he tries to find stocks that he can own for the next 10-20 years. Then he wants to hold them for the long-term. Some of his most recent winners include Shopify (up >1,000%), Livongo (up >400%) and Okta (up >200%).

FromValue’s Investment Strategy

Here’s Kris’ investment thesis from his Seeking Alpha page: “That means that I look for stocks that have either growth or value or combine the two. It has been proven that the group of dividend initiators and fastest dividend growers outperforms the markets by far in the long run. So I select stocks from this group, although I also select high growth non-dividend payers that I believe will grow out to great multibaggers.”

I loved this conversation as it got to the heart of why we invest: to create life-changing wealth through high risk-adjusted compound returns.


  • [0:00] Who is FromValue?
  • [10:00] FromValue Investing Style
  • [14:00] Potential Multibaggers
  • [18:00] Portfolio Management
  • [22:00] Kris’ Exclusive Metrics
  • [30:00] Is Value Investing Market Timing?
  • [35:00] How to Cope with Drawdowns?
  • [44:00] Multi Baggers can Change Lives
  • [50:00] Conviction in your Investments
  • [56:00] Beginners Mistakes
  • [59:00] More from Kris and Closing Questions

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