Dusk Group (DSK.ASX): Can You Smell The Discount?

Dusk Group (DSK) is Australia’s leading home fragrance retailer, with 128 retail stores selling candles, diffusers, and essential oils to customers in-person and online.  DSK has many characteristics of a great business. The company sells an Un-Amazonable product (olfactory sensation cannot be replicated online). DSK also boasts an industry-leading position with a 25% market share […]

Credit Cycles and A Minsky Framework

Today we’ve got a guest post from Srivatsan “Sri” Prakash. Sri is the host of the Market Champions podcast dedicated to interviewing the best and the brightest in finance and economics. You can find him on Twitter @SrivatsPrakash. Alright, let’s get after it …  Hyman Minsky is a classical go-to regarding boom-bust cycles, credit growth […]