The Global Macro Picture Is Ready To Explode With Alex Barrow

This episode I talk with Alex Barrow Co-Founder and Chief Macro Strategist of Macro Ops. We discuss the major moves that are shaping up in the global macro space.

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In this episode we touch on the dollar, bonds, metals, inflation, inverted yield curve, China, $YTRA and equity indexes.

We also talk about how Alex stacks his fundamental macro views with technical indicators to give him a better timing advantage in markets.

This was a long one, I hope you enjoy it!

Links to subjects mentioned in this episode:

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A Golden Macro Opportunity
There’s A Big Macro Move Brewing In Markets
Yield Curve Inversion: Why This Time Is Different

​​​​​​​You might recall the podcast episode I did covering the impending Global Macro moves a few weeks ago, if you haven’t yet give it a listen here.

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