Episode 8 – Andrew Kingston & Shawn Shewchuk: Special Situations, Technical Analysis and Hockey

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On today’s episode I chat with Andrew Kingston and Shawn Shewchuk. Andrew and Shawn are portfolio managers for Gavin Croup, CA. Gavin Group is a unique investment services business. They pride themselves on being Hockey Wealth Specialists and provide three main services: investment management, cash flow management and tax minimization.

Andrew and Shawn manage investment portfolios for the firm. Their backgrounds are unique. Andrew graduated with a biochemistry degree, and Shawn ended college a chemical engineer. Yet both found their way to the investment world.

Listen in as we chat about spin-offs, special situations, owner operators, and more. We find out what they think makes a great business, how they allocate each position, as well as incorporating technicals into the investment process.

You can find Andrew on Twitter @a_j_kingston and Shawn @shawn_shewchuk

If you want more information on Gavin Group, check out their website here.

Episode 2 with Andrew Walker: Sports Rights, Media Investments and Cookies

Andrew Walker is co-founder of Rangeley Capital and founder/writer of Yet Another Value Blog.

In this episode, Andrew and I discuss media investments, review his media guide blog posts (here’s parts 12 and 3) and highlight specific ways to play the coming un-bundling phenomenon.

Andrew is a media investment savant. This is a must listen for anyone interested in media stocks, sports rights or legacy cable companies. He’s also a diehard sports fan. We end up chatting about various sports teams that could use some fresh ownership (Redskins — I’m looking at you).

If you want to know more about Andrew, check out the following links:

His twitter: @AndrewRangeley

His website:

His fund: Rangeley Capital