Episode 10: Tier-1 Micro Caps with Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting.com

Maj Soueidan is the Co-Founder of GeoInvesting.com. GeoInvesting navigates investment risk by interviewing company management, dissecting conference calls, interacting with our wide network of investors and scouring financial documents for hidden clues. GeoInvesting provides quick, concise and efficient research instead of hundreds of pages of financial jargon. Maj and his team focus on micro cap […]

Episode 3 with Thomas Bachrach: Fishing Where They Ain’t (Global Micro-Cap Investing)

Thomas Bachrach is Principal of PFH Capital. PFH is a one-man investment fund focused on global, micro-cap investing. Thomas isn’t afraid to go where others won’t. He scours the corners of the globe to find interesting, off-the-beaten path securities. In this episode, Thomas discusses his investment process, where he’s finding value in the global markets, […]