Rihard Jarc: A Deep Dive Into Pinterest (PINS) Bull Thesis


This week we chat with Rihard Jarc, SaaS founder and author of the Uncover Alpha SubStack newsletter. Rihard has spent his life analyzing, investing, and creating software-based businesses. If you go by his Twitter bio, he’s a growth investor, ex-portfolio manager, and CEO of TyplessAPI.

Rihard’s background makes him the perfect investor to dive deep into the Pinterest (PINS) bull thesis. PINS is one of Rihard’s largest holdings and one he started buying for around $20. Our conversation dives deep into Rihard’s bull pitch, the future of AR-based realities, and why PINS is just getting started with monetizing its audience.

We also spend the early part of our conversation on Rihard’s background before investing and what he thinks is his market edge over competitors.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [0:00] Who is Rihard Jarc?
  • [3:00] Rihard’s Start-Ups.
  • [17:30] Qualities of a Fantastic Technology Business.
  • [24:40] Major Red Flags of a Technology Company.
  • [35:00] Assessing Early Customer Base in Businesses.
  • [39:00] Pinterest
  • [43:00] Pinterest’s Demographics, Behavior, and Growth
  • [50:00] The Pinterest Experience
  • [1:02:00] Pinterest Comparables
  • [1:08:00] Augmented Reality
  • [1:12:00] Pinterest’s ARPU
  • [1:16:00] Valuing Pinterest
  • [1:23:00] Pinterest Risks
  • [1:27:00] Rihard Jarc’s Watchlist
  • [1:32:00] Closing Questions

If you liked our conversation and want to learn more about Rihard Jarc, check out these links:

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