[REPLAY] Episode 33: Long-Term & Differentiated Thinking with Clifford Sosin, CAS Investment Partners


[REPLAY NOTE]: Due to scheduling and travel I was not able to get a new podcast to you this week. I apologize and do not expect something like this to happen again. I chose Cliff’s episode for a replay because it is one of my favorites, and also one of my first. New listeners will learn so much from Cliff’s thoughts. Thank you for your support!

Clifford Sosin runs CAS Investment Partners. The fund is a value oriented partnership focusing on investing in great businesses at discounted prices to their future value.

Cliff discusses his early days at UBS, the genius of the bankruptcy system, how he finds ideas and mental models. Cliff also reveals how to fix the banking system as we know it.

The conversation covers a wide array of topics and was one of our longer episodes. I hope you find Cliff’s insights as interesting as I did.

Make sure you follow him on Twitter @CliffordSosin

Also, if you’re interested in his co-authored white-paper on global banking, check it out here.

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