Michael Batnick: Movies, SPACs and IPO Manias


Michael Batnick is the author of Irrelevant Investor, Director of Research at Ritholz Wealth Management, and co-host of the Animal Spirits Podcast with Ben Carlson.

Michael is one of the most prolific finance thinkers on Twitter and often provides high-quality, comedic insight into myriad financial topics. I had a blast chatting with Michael and cannot wait to bring you our conversation. We start by discussing favorite finance/non-finance movies, while I reveal how little I’ve actually seen.

From there we dive into the craziness in the IPO and SPAC IPO markets and see where the Animal Spirits hide in the market. After that, we discuss the ever-challenging topic of “when to sell”. You’re going to love Michael’s answer to this by the way.

Finally, we wrap up with Michael Batnick’s thoughts on various investment strategies for beginners/amateurs and why it is helpful to think of markets like golf.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [0:00] The best movies
  • [6:40] IPO Mania?
  • [19:00] SPACs
  • [30:00] When to Sell?
  • [38:00] Investment Strategies for the Average Investor
  • [49:00] More from Michael Batnick and Closing Questions

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