Matteo Franceschetti: Building A Data-First Sleep Powerhouse


This week I chat with Matteo Franceschetti, founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Eight Sleep is revolutionizing the way we think about sleep, performance, and health. Matteo’s company reminds me of Netflix, Roku and Peloton wrapped in one. Matteo’s journey to founding Eight Sleep is a winding (and exciting) venture. He spent time playing tennis, racing cars, and building start-ups before launching Eight Sleep in his garage.

During our conversation, Matteo shares his stories of the early days at Eight Sleep, how he thinks about product iteration, and why data is so important in the age of sleep performance. I hope you notice how Matteo thinks about sleep and how he’s constantly framing sleep from something passive we do to an active part of our overall health.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [1:04] Matteo Franceschetti’s Favorite Tennis Player
  • [5:35] The Start of Eight Sleep
  • [12:43] Developing A Better Mattress
  • [19:20] Why Framing Matters
  • [24:41] The Place To Go About Sleep
  • [33:17] Matteo’s Time As A Race Car Driver
  • [38:08] Brand Awareness
  • [41:54] Closing Questions

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