Macro Ops Podcast: Volatility, Smart Beta, Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Poker with Tyler

We are starting a new podcast!!! (yes, you get three of those exclamation points … != !!!)

The Macro Ops Podcast will focus on global macro trading. But we reach further than just finance, learning from people in all walks of life in order to bring that mindset, those skills, that thinking into making ourselves better all around.

For our inaugural episode Chris (I) chats with Macro Ops Co-Founder Tyler Kling.

You can find the episode on all major platforms at the links below. 


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In Volatility, Smart Beta, Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Poker we discuss how Tyler got into the finance world right out of school at a family office, then moving on to trading for himself.

Tyler is heavily focused on the volatility complex and talks about a call he put out on VXX and VIX near the December lows in the SPX and what that looks like now.

We touch on the indecision currently in the markets and Chris’s short trade setup and contingency plan on the S&P this week.  

From there we move on to discuss an article Tyler wrote about which included a Classical Chinese text from thousands of years ago, the Zhuangzi, and how it applies to traders today. Bleak stuff indeed!

Check out the article here: Play To Win Or Go Out Like Broomcorn’s Uncle.

After the article discussion we talk about optionality, harvesting smart beta with a macro overlay, and why we need to make sure trading is adequately compensating our time. 

Finally we finish up with a discussion about poker and how it relates to trading!

You can reach Tyler at @TylerHKling on Twitter or

And you can reach Chris at @chrisDMacro on Twitter and Instagram or

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