Macro Ops Podcast: Macro Musings Audio Version – China, EURUSD, Quants, Hardcore History, Breathing

Today’s episode is an audio expansion on the weekly Macro Musings email. Click here to see the written version.

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This is a solo episode, with me Chris, expanding on an article from Brian MacKenzie (link here) about the importance of nasal breathing.

Other topics discussed:

  • China and their ownership of the US Film industry and the lack of any anti-Chinese sentiment in US Films.
  • Ken Griffin’s, Founder of Citadel Capital, recent $238 million penthouse purchase in NYC and the book The Quants.
  • $3 billion dollar inflows into Vanguard Total International Bond ETF is a short bet on USD, one of the most crowded trades currently, not just in macro but across the board.
  • Dan Carlin’s amazing Hardcore History podcast, Blueprint for Armageddon an epic tale of the Somme in World War I.
  • My EURUSD trade setup and how I approach Macro Trading as a systematic quant.
  • And finally an interpretation of a quote from the ever belligerent Charlie Munger.

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