KKR, MCFT & CLCT/NLAB Saga w/ Yaron Naymark


Yaron Naymark is the founder and portfolio manager of 1 Main Capital. On his website, Yaron “makes concentrated investments in high-quality reasonably valued businesses with long reinvestment runways and in special situations that are experiencing a temporary dislocation or undergoing an element of change that will cause investors to revalue an investment in the near term.”

This week we dive deep into a few specific companies:

  • KKR
  • RCI Hospitality (RICK)
  • Mastercraft (MCFT)
  • Malibu Boating (MBUU)

We also discuss the two latest minority shareholder sagas penetrating the FinTwit universe:

  • Collectors Universe (CLCT)
  • Enlabs, Inc. (NLAB)

I also enjoyed our conversation on position sizing, risk management, and how to analyze errors of omission. We then ended the podcast dreaming about having dinner with the one and only, Bill Gates.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • 1:09 – Yaron Naymark’s Background
  • 11:18 – Selling Too Early: Xpel, Inc.
  • 27:07 – Robinhood/FinTwit Traders
  • 37:43 – CLCT & NLAB Buyout Hysteria
  • 51:42 – The RCI Bull Thesis
  • 62: 51 – The Future of RICK
  • 74:35 – Water Sports (MBUU, MCFT)
  • 81:33 – COVID & Boating Thesis
  • 86:37 – KKR Bull Thesis
  • 98:19 – Closing Questions

If you like Yaron Naymark’s philosophy on investing and want to learn more, you can find more information here:

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