Episode 34: How To Find Long-Term Winners Early w/ Turner Novak, Gelt VC

This episode is brought to you by TIKR. Join the free beta today at TIKR.com/hive. They’re constantly releasing new updates that make the platform better. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with TIKR. I use it every single day. Alright, back to the podcast.

Turner Novak is a venture capitalist and partner at Gelt VC. Turner came from a single-parent, low-income household and worked his way to becoming one of the more popular venture capital thinkers on Twitter today. Through hard work and sharing his thoughts online, Turner began finding his venture voice.

But it wasn’t until Turner created his Fantasy VC portfolio that he got past the hurdle of people taking him seriously.

Turner and I chat about strategies as a venture capital, how VC is different from public markets, key man risk and attaching numbers to narratives in valuation.

Here’s the topic timestamps:

  • [1:11] How Tuner Got Started in Venture
  • [6:40] Strategies as a Venture Capitalist
  • [13:50] How VC Is Different From Public Markets
  • [25:50] Elon Musk & Key Man Risk
  • [27:15] Turner’s Fantasy Portfolio & How He Found His Fantasy Investments
  • [36:20] Attaching Numbers To Narratives
  • [46:00] Child-Care as An Attractive Industry
  • [51:32] Three Industries Turner’s Excited About
  • [57:00] Building Businesses Off Existing Platforms
  • [60:05] Closing Questions

If you like what you heard from Turner, make sure to follow him on Twitter @TurnerNovak. Also, make sure to subscribe to his Substack newsletter (here).  Finally, find out what Turner’s doing over at Gelt VC.

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