Episode 30: Finding Your Competitive Edge (& Lessons From Pro Volleyball) w/ Ryan Doherty


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Our 30th episode was one of the most esoteric conversations yet. This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Doherty. Ryan was a former professional baseball pitcher (and at one point, the tallest professional player ever) turned professional volleyball player.

Ryan went from never playing volleyball to beating gold medalist team Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers.

We spend over an hour discussing passion, competition, mental edge and process improvement. I had a blast.

Here’s the outline:

  • [1:30] Who is Ryan Doherty
  • [7:19] Meeting Hall of Famer Randy Johnson
  • [10:58] Ryan’s Dark Days & Identity Crisis
  • [20:29] Leaving For CA w/ $5K and Nothing Else
  • [26:29] Burnout & Losing The Love of The Game
  • [29:55] The Pressure of Being The Weak Link
  • [34:32] Lessons from Traveling >20 Countries
  • [40:55] Ryan’s Start in Investing
  • [46:26] How Ryan’s Investment Philosophy Changed
  • [50:05] 2020 Doesn’t Look Like The CFA Exams
  • [54:54] Competitiveness as an Edge
  • [57:41] How To Keep Your Ego in Check
  • [65:00] Figure Out What You’re Working On
  • [68:00] Progression Through Self-Reflection
  • [71:10] How To Track Your Investment Progress
  • [74:35] Learning Python for Software Investing
  • [78:10] Closing Questions

If you want to learn more about Ryan, follow him on Twitter @ryandoherty47

Also, if you want to learn more about Python for Investing, check out Quantopian.

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