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Episode 28: Global Investing & Finding Your Edge w/ Brad Hathaway, Far View Capital

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This week we chat with Brad Hathaway, managing partner of Far View Capital. Far View Capital invests around the globe on the hunt for special situations. Brad graduated from Yale University with a Political Science degree and quickly found his way to the hedge fund/private equity world.

After honing his skills, Brad set off to start Far View Capital Management (website here).

I loved this conversation. You can tell Brad bleeds Investing, business and continual learning.

Here’s the show outline:

  • [4:08] When Brad’s Investment Passion Clicked
  • [11:56] Taking The Leap & Starting Far View Capital
  • [17:04] Personal Psychology As A Differentiator
  • [23:20] Examples of Early Wins & Early Losses
  • [31:05] Keyword-Based Searching To Find Ideas
  • [38:10] Understanding The Few Key Variables
  • [47:43] The Value of Depth vs. Breadth
  • [53:45] Arrogance vs. Humility
  • [70:10] Why Is This Being Sold?
  • [77:54] Global Spin-offs Are Great Hunting Grounds
  • [81:11] US Frameworks on Non-US Companies
  • [90:36] How Brad Likes To Short
  • [95:10] Spending Time Away From Screens
  • [104:05] Who Can Find Brad Hathaway on Twitter!
  • [105:25] Closing Questions

Big thanks again to Brad for coming on the show!

If you find Brad’s Twitter handle please email me brandon@macro-ops.com for verification. I will personally send you the book You Can Be A Stock Market Genius.

Also, check out Broadview’s Investor letter (and reference to Samurai scoring) here.

Make sure to check out Far View Capital’s website here.

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