Episode 24: More Than Shipping Stocks w/ Harris Kupperman, Praetorian Capital


I’m thrilled to bring you Episode 24, my chat with Harris Kupperman (aka Kuppy) of Praetorian Capital. Kuppy is known for his views on all things tankers and shipping stocks.

But he’s more than that. Way more than that. Our conversation dives deep into Kuppy’s overall investment philosophy, how he stumbled upon investing, his love for travel and some crazy adventure stories.

If you’re looking for the latest opinion on tankers, this isn’t your podcast. But if you’re looking for actionable, timeless investment thought and wisdom, you’re in the right place.

Here’s the podcast outline:

  • [0:00 – 4:00] Kuppy’s First Dip in The Stock Market
  • [5:00 – 10:00] Charts and Value Investing
  • [11:00 – 20:00] Downside Protection & Why People Love Cheap
  • [25:00 – 32:00] An Example of Kuppy’s Investment Process
  • [33:00 – 39:00] How Kuppy Thinks About Valuation
  • [40:00 – 46:00] Breathe-Right Example
  • [47:00 – 50:00] Cap-Ex Disguises Earnings Power
  • [51:00 – 54:00] Operating Leverage
  • [55:00 – 58:00] Kuppy’s Ideal Investment Situations
  • [60:00 – 65:00] The Importance of Gut Feeling
  • [66:00 – 76:00] Investing in Frontier Markets
  • [77:00 – end] Kuppy’s Travel Adventures

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Also, if you want to learn more about Kuppy, check him out on Twitter @hkuppy. You can also check out his website Adventures in Capitalism.

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