Episode 22: Mid-Caps & More with George Livadas, Upslope Capital

Episode 22 is live!

This week we’ve got George Livadas on the show. George is the founder and portfolio manager of Upslope Capital. George graduated with a Russian degree, but found his way into investment banking at Citigroup. He worked in IB covering the brokerage and can producer industries (to name a couple).

George loves investing, but he didn’t start out like many traditional value investors. He didn’t read Buffett’s letter, he didn’t read Graham’s doctrine. He developed a passion for investing by learning about business.

George founded Upslope Capital to invest his own way — a differentiated way. George employs a long and short strategy at Upslope. He prefers to hunt in the mid-cap space for ideas, and has a soft-spot for boring, unloved businesses.

Here’s what we cover in the conversation:

  • [0:00 – 5:00] Who is George Livadas
  • [6:00 – 11:00] What Works For George in Investing
  • [12:00 – 17:00] Why Mid-Caps & The Power of Simplicity
  • [18:00 – 22:00] What Makes A Good Investment?
  • [23:00 – 30:00] From Idea Generation To Investment
  • [31:00 – 42:00] George’s Investment Process
  • [43:00 – 49:00] George’s Thoughts on Shorting
  • [50:00 – 55:00] Corporate Governance & COKE
  • [56:00 – 60:00] Knowing Yourself & Being Wrong
  • [63:00 – End] Concluding Questions

If you want to learn more about George, check out these links:

Also, if you’re interested in the McKinsey Book on Valuation:

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