Episode 17: The Power of Owner Operators with Chris Mayer, Woodlock House Family Capital


Chris Mayer is an author and fund manager. He’s written three books and in 2018, started managing Woodlock House Family Capital.

Many investors have heard of Chris’ name from his (now cult-following phenomenon) book, 100-Baggers. In that book, Chris dives into common characteristics of companies that returned 100-to-1 for their investors. Some of those characteristics include:

  • Revenue and earnings growth
  • Founder-led or owner-operator at the helm
  • Tremendous drawdowns in share price

During the podcast, we chat about the following topics:

  • What Chris wished he knew when he started investing
  • Why Chris prefers owner-operators
  • What gives Chris his edge in the markets
  • What are shared qualities of some of Chris’ biggest winners
  • Why Chris loves markets and investing

and more!

If you’re interested in learning more about Chris, check out his books:

Also you can find him on Twitter and his blog.

Podcast Time-line:

  • [0:00-10:00] What Chris Wish He Knew When He Started Investing
  • [11:00-19:00] Process over Outcome
  • [19:30-27:00] Qualities of an Owner-Operator
  • [28:00-37:00] Why Chris is a Global Investor
  • [38:00-49:00] How To Sell
  • [50:00-52:00] What is Chris’ Biggest Weakness
  • [53:00-58:00] Owning A Few Great Businesses
  • [59:00-67:00] What Gives Chris His Edge in Markets
  • [67:30-End] Closing Questions
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