Episode 15: Buying A Job & Creating A Platform with Nick Haschka, The Wright Gardner & Cub Investments


Nick’s journey towards small business ownership was a winding road. After graduating from MIT, he went to work for McKinsey. After consulting, he found a passion in clean tech and clean energy with NRG Group, leading their high-tech ventures program.

It was around this time Nick decided he wanted to own a small business. He stressed the importance of living a balanced life, and forming your business around the life you want to live. Not the other way around.

Nick found The Wright Gardner after a month of searching. After becoming Co-Owner he proceeded to do five bolt-on acquisitions to grow the company.

Realizing his passion for investments and acquiring businesses, Nick set up Cub Investments. Cub Investments is a small private equity company whose goal is to buy small, local businesses and hold them forever.

I really enjoyed my chat with Nick. His sense on balance between work and life was refreshing. And you can ALWAYS learn something from talking to an MIT grad. I know you’ll learn a lot too.

  • [0:00-5:00] Introduction & Background on Nick
  • [12:00-16:00 ] Nick’s Passion for Clean Energy
  • [18:30 – 23:00] Why Nick Decided To Buy A Small Business
  • [26:00-35:00] How Nick Found The Wright Gardener & First Steps In Ownership
  • [40:00-45:00] Why It’s Important to Plan For Change
  • [56:00-64:00] Why Nick Started Cub Investments & His Investment Criteria
  • [65:00-end] Closing Thoughts
Here’s where you can find Nick:

Other things Nick referenced during the podcast:

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