Episode 12: Building A Great Product w/ Robert Koyfman, Founder of Koyfin.com


Rob Koyfman is the founder and CEO of Koyfin.com. Rob has a tremendous background in the world of finance, investment and trading. He’s a CFA Charterholder and former Goldman Sachs VP.

In 2015 Rob left the corporate world to start Koyfin.com. A one man operation. Rob grew Koyfin into a fast-growing financial analysis website. Rob’s vision for Koyfin is simple. He wants to provide better analytics for investors.

During the podcast we chat about the following:

First 15 minutes …

  • Rob’s background and experience at Goldman Sachs
  • What Rob learned while working for PMs and CIOs

15 minute – 30 minute mark …

  • Why Rob started Koyfin
  • The importance of clean UI

30 minute – 1 hour mark …

  • Future Aspirations of Koyfin
  • Why Rob is passionate about good looking charts

and more!

If you want more info on Koyfin, check out their website: www.koyfin.com

You can also follow Rob on twitter @KoyfinCharts or email him at rob@koyfin.com.

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