Packy McCormick: Emerging Technology, Writing and Process


Packy McCormick is the founder and creator of The Not Boring Newsletter and Not Boring Syndicate. What started as a COVID side-hustle quickly spiraled into a full-time job and never-ending passion. After graduating from Duke, Packy went to work as an investment banking associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. From there he joined a start-up, Breather, and became VP of Experience.

Today Packy writes a weekly newsletter for thousands of technology investors, thinkers and entrepreneurs. And he’s loving every bit of it.

I’m a huge fan of Packy’s writing and he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite reads on the internet.
Our wide-ranging conversation dives deep into Packy’s writing and research process, how Packy creates new frameworks from old ideas, lessons learned from David Perrell’s writing course, emerging markets and his pitch on FEMSA.

We end our conversation with Packy’s plans for the future of Not Boring, and which President he’d like to shoot hoops with.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [2:42] Starting The Not Boring Newsletter
  • [6:34] Packy McCormick’s Writing Process
  • [9:25] Creating New Frameworks On Old Topics
  • [12:15] Packy’s Research Process
  • [17:19] Lessons From David Perrell’s Writing Course
  • [26:45] Mobile Technology & Emerging Markets
  • [32:55]
  • [41:41] What Is The New Market Average?
  • [46:44] Packy’s Massive Newsletter Growth
  • [53:11] The Not Boring Syndicate
  • [58:25] Closing Questions

If you liked what you heard, please check out Packy at the following links:

I want to thank Packy again for coming on the show. I know we’ll have him on again soon!

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