Macro Ops 2020 Annual Portfolio Performance Review

To others, being wrong is a source of shame; to me, recognizing my mistakes is a source of pride. Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes. ~ George Soros I learned that everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses […]

How Nicholas Darvas Made $2M In The Stock Market, A Book Review

Display ballet dancer because Darvas was a ballet dancer

“I shot upright in my chair. My 50-cent BRILUND stock was quoted at $1.90. I sold it at once and made a profit of close to $8,000 … I decided I had been missing a good thing all my life. I made up my mind to go into the stock market. I have never gone […]

Winners Evolve..

This will make you sit up in your chair (emphasis mine): In the 1990’s Harvard Business School’s Amy Edmondson performed some research to try to understand some of the qualities that make up a well-run hospital. She was not prepared, however, for one of the results her research produced. After surveying the nurses at eight […]

It’s Not The Goal But The Man…

What is the biggest life mistake you can make? Short of getting yourself killed, what is the one thing you want to avoid doing? There are lots of ways to answer that question. But on a philosophical level, I would argue the biggest mistake you can make is this: Not being true to yourself. Almost […]

How To 20x Your Money Without Upping Your Risk

Hope everybody is having a good week so far… Gotta love these markets as they are anything but boring! Today I wanted to show you a section from our introductory guide to our DOTM Strategy (DOTM stands for Deep Out of The Money options) that’s typically reserved for members of our Collective. I’m sharing this […]

Avoid Value Traps With One Simple Scoring System

How do you avoid buying value traps? How do you avoid thinking Mr. Market isn’t as smart as he really is? Ask this simple question: Why is this stock being sold at this price? Markets are generally efficient the majority of the time. This isn’t breaking news. Yet as value investors, we sometimes try to […]

Five Ways To Grow Your Twitter Audience

Isn’t it great when you spend all day crafting the perfect Twitter thread only to get a few likes and a couple retweets? Yeah, it feels fantastic. Hours spent for nothing.4e It wasn’t until my conversation with Brian Feroldi that I realized the simple, yet powerful way to grow your Twitter following. Are you ready […]

How To Stay in a Trend and Not Get Treed By a Chihuahua

The following is an excerpt from a monthly report that goes out to members of our Collective. Some of the details are redacted but my hope is that this report helps you look at trends and dips —  or what we can thorns — in a new light and as a result, you can avoid […]

An Old Inuit Hunting Tale That Kills Value Investors

hungry wolves

Newsflash: apex predators are hard to kill. But when you live amongst them, you should learn how. The native Inuit tribe developed an interesting way of dealing with apex predators. It wasn’t an all-out attack. Nor was it a strategic assault mission under the blanket of night. It was simple. It was elementary. But it […]

The Delta Model: How To Love Customers & Win Business

Businesses that maniacally focus on serving their customers win every time. Don’t believe me? Check out this 1999 clip of Jeff Bezos during a CNBC interview. Count how many times he mentions the phrase “customer service”. Spoiler, you’ll need more hands. What Bezos understood better than anyone was the power of the Delta Model. Customer […]