***The Following is an excerpt from a Market Note recently sent to Collective members. Click here to learn more*** A short note on oil. Short notes are better than long notes. At least when it comes to analyzing a trade or positioning. If you have to Tolstoy the pitch then you don’t know what the […]

The Perils of Too Much Information

The other day I was flipping through Tim Ferriss’ book “Tribe of Mentors” and came across this great section from Adam Robinson. For those of you not familiar with Adam, he’s a rated chess master, founder of the Princeton Review, and now a global macro advisor to some of the world’s most successful hedge funds […]

Bill Miller: Lessons From The Legendary Value Investor

Bill Miller is a melting pot of value investing icons There’s no better description than from Janet Lowe (emphasis mine): “Like the purist Graham, Miller ignores the fickle moods of the infamous Mr. Market. Like value icon Buffett, Miller looks for franchise value. This is one of the characteristics he likes about Like John […]

Teachings From Commodities Corp (CC)

Today I wanted to share a little nugget with you guys and gals that I pulled from our internal library that’s available to members of our Collective. It’s about Commodities Corp. The training grounds for many of the best traders alive today. Inside, you’ll find some back story on CC along with a host of […]

The Greatest Value Investor You’ve Never Heard Of

“We can have no finer role model. First and foremost, he was a value investor — a member of that eccentric tribe that believes it’s better to underpay than to overpay.” Those words by James Grant were in reference to one of the greatest value investors the world has ever seen. It’s not who you […]

Lessons From 24 Years of Operating: Bowl America, Inc. (BWL.A)

Bowling isn’t a sexy business. In fact, it’s sort of a dying business. Drive by any bowling alley and you’ll find flickering lights and half-filled parking lots. Physical bowling has been replaced by handheld entertainment. Virtual copycat. One might reasonably assume that owning a bowling operator would make for a poor investment. Yet, what if […]

Plato’s Cave and How I Lost $127,562.06

Are you familiar with Plato’s allegory of the man in the cave? It’s about a man deep in a cave who’s been chained to a wall his entire life. He’s never seen the light of day and doesn’t know there’s an outside world. In this cave, out of the man’s purview, there’s a fire with […]

Ditch the Predictions and Play the Odds

We are in the business of making mistakes. The only difference between the winners and the losers is that the winners make small mistakes, while the losers make big mistakes. ~ Ned Davis When I became a winner, I said, “I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I […]

The Evolution of Political Regimes

Plato, using Socrates as his mouthpiece, wrote the following condemnation of Athenian democracy in his Republic: [The citizens] contemptuously rejected temperance as unmanliness… Insolence they term breeding, and anarchy liberty, and waste magnificence, and impudence courage… The father gets accustomed to descend to the level of his sons and to fear them, and the son […]

Trader Vic’s Market Methods

I first came across Trader Vic over a decade ago while meandering through an old book store. My dog-eared and excessively highlighted copy still sits on the bookshelf next to my desk. It’s one of the few trading books I regularly turn to for a reread. The book covers everything from trade management to market […]