Brett Bivens: What Makes Companies Like Shopify and Nike Great


Brett Bivens is an investor and researcher at Tech Nexus. He also writes the popular Substack Newsletter, Venture Desktop. I was thrilled to get Brett on the show because I wanted to pick his brain on his most popular articles.Brett’s essays span wide-ranging topics, including:

  • Bottoms-up investing
  • The Metaverse of healthcare
  • Empowerment Loops
  • Complexity Investing
  • Enablers vs. Growers

We spend over an hour discussing these topics and the intricacies of companies like Shopify, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter.Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [0:31] Intro Questions
  • [3:00] What is TechNexus?
  • [7:00] Brett’s Role at TechNexus
  • [11:20] Merits of Bottoms-Up Investing
  • [15:15] Don’t Invest In What’s Trending
  • [20:23] Complexity Investing
  • [25:43] Metaverse of Healthcare
  • [38:14] Empowerment Loops
  • [47:45] Enablers vs. Growers
  • [55:05] How To Find Underrated Markets
  • [67:10] Examples of Underrated Markets
  • [77:00] Closing Questions

If you want to learn more about Brett Bivens, check out these links:

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***Disclaimer: Nothing you hear on this podcast is in any way, shape or form to be construed as investment advice. The guest on this podcast may hold positions in any/all names mentioned during the podcast. This is not investment advice and investors should always conduct personal due diligence before investing in any security. Past performance of any funds mentioned are not indicative of future returns.***

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