Bobby Kraft: What I Learned From 1,000+ CEO Interviews

This week I chat with Bobby Kraft of SNN Wire and host of The Planet Micro Cap Podcast. Bobby is a titan in the micro-cap industry. He’s recorded over 130 podcast episodes and interviewed thousands of CEOs. The work he’s done to bring positive news and information to the micro cap community cannot be understated. A love for media and curiosity for investing created Bobby’s current endeavors. You can see his passion.

I’ve wanted to get Bobby on the show for a while. I’m stoked he agreed to do it.

We spend over an hour discussing Bobby’s background, what he looks for in an interview with a CEO, and how regular retail investors can gain an edge in interviewing company management. This was one of the most laid-back conversations I’ve had, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.
I’m excited for the future of SNN Network and its many new podcast shows.

Here’s the time-stamp for the conversation:

  • [0:00] Bobby’s Journey To SNN & Planet Micro Cap Podcast
  • [6:25] Having Fun in Argentina
  • [13:18] Bobby’s Mentors & Inspirations
  • [22:36] What Investors Want To Hear From CEOs
  • [27:56] The Power of Strategies & Conviction
  • [35:26] How To Spot Great Managers & Poor Managers
  • [45:17] Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Buybacks)
  • [54:33] Joke About Disclosures on Stocks
  • [63:07] SNN’s New Podcast Network
  • [67:03] What Does Bobby Do Off Camera?
  • [73:47] Closing Questions

If you want more information on Bobby Kraft or SNN, check out these links:

***Disclaimer: Nothing you hear on this podcast is in any way, shape or form to be construed as investment advice. The guest on this podcast may hold positions in any/all names mentioned during the podcast. This is not investment advice and investors should always conduct personal due diligence before investing in any security. Past performance of any funds mentioned are not indicative of future returns.***

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