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China Won’t Roll Over Until Liquidity Tightens

This year on October 18th The Communist Party of China will kick off their 19th National Congress and set the leadership for the next five years. It’s an extremely fragile time for incumbents. During this Congress a group of party representatives will review a report from President Xi on what has been achieved in the […]

The Gold Bugs Were Wrong

Operator Tyler here. The Gold Bugs were way too early on their inflation call. Ever since the start of QE, countless Austrian economic gold bugs have been warning about a tidal wave of inflation that will debase our hard earned savings. Their fear mongering is what sent gold up to nearly $2,000 an ounce. But […]

Archimede’s Dollar Smile

Give me a place to stand, and a dollar that’s trending, and I can move the world ~ Archimedes Archimedes, the Greek tinkerer, knew of the US dollar’s importance to global macro well over 2200 years ago, decades before Fed Chair Yellen was born. A man ahead of his time.   If you’re one of […]


The Label Stupidity Loop

“I’m a Democrat… I’m an Evangelical Christian… I’m a Trump Supporter… I’m a Value Investor… I’m a Bernie Bro… I’m a Neo-Keynesian… I’m a Scientologist… I’m a… I’m a…” Humans love adopting labels. We don them proudly, wearing them like sports jerseys. We proclaim our chosen identity to anybody that’ll listen. We want everyone to […]

Where Oil Prices Are Headed

Oil has been in my “too hard” bucket the last six months. I couldn’t identify any catalyst that could drive it out of its trading range. I mostly expected it to chop around which has turned out to be the case. But I figured it’s time I revisit oil and see if there’s anything on […]

How George Soros Finds His Trades

The following is straight from Operator Kean, a member of the Macro Ops Collective. To contact Kean, visit his website here. One of the things that makes George Soros a market legend is his uncanny ability to identify lucrative trading opportunities. Let’s take a look at how he does it. (I) Look Forward! Most traders […]