Alex Barrow: Chasing Gem Dealers & Great Stocks


Alex Barrow is the Co-Founder and Cheif Market Strategist at Alex joined the US Marine Corps on his 18th birthday just one month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He subsequently spent a decade in the military. Serving in various capacities from scout sniper to interrogator and counterintelligence specialist. Following his military service, he worked as a contract intelligence professional for a number of US agencies (from the DIA to FBI) with a focus on counterintelligence and terrorist financing. He also spent time consulting for a tech company that specialized in building analytic software for finance and intelligence analysis.

After leaving the field of intelligence he went to work at a global macro hedge fund. He’s been professionally involved in markets since 2005, has consulted with a number of the leading names in the hedge fund space, and now manages his own family office while running Macro Ops. He’s published over 300 white papers on complex financial and macroeconomic topics, writes regularly about investment/market trends, and frequently speaks at conferences on trading and investing.

This conversation spanned EVERYTHING from Alex’s time at the Marines to his days as a bodyguard for Brittney Spears. We even managed to fit in some market discussions and our 2020 Macro Ops Portfolio Performance.

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [5:34] Cold Calling Jack Schwager
  • [14:32] Working at Bridgewater
  • [23:13] How Alex Became A Bodyguard For A Gem Dealer
  • [33:13] Lessons Learned From Losing $100K+
  • [47:58] Transparency in The Newsletter Business
  • [57:56] When Does Cloning Go Too Far?
  • [67:13] Alex Barrow’s Biggest Errors of 2020
  • [78:56] Aligning Micro With Macro
  • [80:04] What We Did Right & Wrong in The Portfolio
  • [86:26] Closing Questions

If you like what you heard, check us out over at And make sure to follow Alex Barrow on Twitter @MacroOps. Thanks so much for coming on the show, Alex! Can’t wait to have you on next year!

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