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Plan Your Trades And Trade Your Plan

The following is part 3 of our 3-part psychology series. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here. Clearly our biology and the biases that come with it are hazardous to our financial health. But how exactly do we solve this problem? The trick is to plan your trades and trade your plan. […]

Goals, Expectations, & Inner Alignment In Trading

Why Do You Trade? It’s important to understand the true drivers behind why you trade the markets. The answer is different for everyone. We all have different circumstances, wants, wishes, and desires. Find yours. Below are common reasons people get involved: Entertainment Gambling Staying Informed About Economic and Political Developments Intellectual Pursuit/Curiosity Side Income Primary […]

Avoiding Cognitive Biases In Trading

The following is part 2 of our 3-part psychology series. To read part 1, click here. On top of rampant emotions and a dire need to “fit in”, our biological evolution also had another side-effect. It made us lazy. Back in the day we were faced with an endless cycle of feast and famine. We’d […]

Uncertainty Is Good For The Stock Market

The following is an excerpt from our weekly Market Brief. If you’re interested in learning more about Market Briefs and the Macro Ops Hub, click here. Here’s an interesting question: Is the Trump administration’s erratic policy and governing style bullish or bearish for stocks? Lately, I’ve read a number of analyst notes talking about how the […]

Why Our Evolutionary Biology Works Against Us In Markets

“I think investment psychology is by far the most important element, followed by risk control, with the least important consideration being the question of where you buy and sell.” ~Tom Basso, Market Wizard A strong psychological foundation is the key to successful investing. The human mind is a powerful, complex tool that quickly turns into […]

Low Volatility Begets Low Volatility. Here’s Why…

The following is an excerpt from our monthly Macro Intelligence Report (MIR). If you’re interested in learning more about the MIR, click here. The trading community has been yapping away about the VIX trading sub-11 and the extreme number of speculative shorts involved. They’re saying it’s gotta burst higher. Their proclamations are presented with a chart […]