Utako Kojima & Aya Weissman: Special Situation Investing In Japan


For this week’s episode is all about Japan and luckily we had Aya Weissman and Utako Kojima from Horizon Kinetics to help us understand why Japan might be an interesting place to look for businesses.

They explain why Japanese Corporate Culture is changing to a more shareholder friendly culture, what are the main differences between the older generation and younger generation in the workplace, what is the founder index and an interesting investing strategy that can only be done in Japan which is the Parent Child Subsidiary Opportunity.

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:00] Who is Aya Weissman?
  • [5:00] Who is Utako Kojima?
  • [6:30] Aya’s First Hedge Fund
  • [8:30] Horizon Kinetic’s Special Japan Opportunity.
  • [9:40] Why invest in Japan now?
  • [11:30] Finding Japanese Companies
  • [15:00] How to invest in Japan as a foreign investor?
  • [17:00] Red Flags found in Japanese Companies.
  • [20:00] One times Sales, Four times Cashflows, Double Digit ROE.
  • [23:00] How to invest in a low valuation environment?
  • [30:00] Japan’s Younger Corporate Culture
  • [33:00] The Founders Index
  • [46:00] Taking Risks becoming more Acceptable in Japan?
  • [51:00] Exciting Japanese Opportunities.
  • [55:00] Closing Questions


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