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The Fallible Trading Journal 
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Learn how to track your performance like a professional trader so you can confidently make more money while avoiding  expensive execution mistakes!
What Is Inside?
The Truth About Trading Journals
 And how they'll help you improve from a Beginner trader to Intermediate, Advanced, or even to the Master level.
The Critical Inputs You Must Have
Discover what you should be tracking and how to discard the noise so you can improve your performance without wasting time and money.
How To Be Your Own Trading Coach
Learn how to use your trading journal to easily identify those mistakes costing you money in the markets everyday.
Discover the TRUTH about the tool that professional traders use to avoid the most expensives mistakes you can make in trading!

In this exclusive video course you'll learn:


How to easily identify the mistakes you're making right now in your trading process so you can save a lot of time, money, and effort.


What to do if you find yourself in a losing streak so you can trade without second guessing, doubting, worrying or stressing.


The Fatal Flaw of not having a proper journal system and why you should never trade stocks without tracking your performance the correct way.

The Truth About  Trading Journals
Discover the fatal flaw of not tracking your performance the right way and how it's making you lose tons of money in the market.
Learn the simple trick that will restore your confidence in your trading skills so you can enjoy the process of buying stocks stress free again.
Track your performance without having to spend countless hours writing down annoying and useless information.
The Critical Inputs You Must Have
Learn how to create the perfect journal for your style of trading even if you've previously struggled to keep a discipline approach.
Find exactly what needs to be in your trading journal so you have only the information that'll help you make more money with the least amount of stress possible.
Get the RIGHT way to measure if your trading performance is on point and what to do when things aren't  going your way.
How To Be Your Own Trading Coach
See exactly how to spot your emotional and execution patterns that make you lose money and miss profitable opportunities.
Get the perfect set of criteria that will allow you to trade like a professional without having to spend a fortune on a professional coach.
Learn what to do if you're over trading and how to stick to your trading plan so you can avoid irrational losses.

Peter Drucker
“What gets measured,
gets managed.”

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Why Just $7?

If you are anything like me, at this point you're probably wondering why this is only $7...

Well there's a few reasons: 

1) $7 is affordable enough to let everyone access this information. At Fallible one our directives is to train our community. The more you learn, the more you can help our network find lucrative trading opportunities. Everyone wins.

2) Why not just make it free? Because we only want serious traders learning this stuff. If you’re not willing to invest your capital into training that will save you a lot of time, effort, pain, and expensive mistakes, then you won’t have the level of commitment that it takes to implement this plan of action so you can become a successful trader. We are basically offering you an asymmetrical trade in your favour ;)

3) We've tested it, and this price range and product generates the best ROI. ( We’re traders and we all love money making systems over here, so it's better just to tell it like it is.)

We also believe that once you implement this Trading Journal System you’ll see positive results. And maybe… just maybe… you’ll want to hang out with us more. in  And who knows, maybe you’ll buy more stuff when we release it.

That's it...  No fine print, no shenanigans, no tricks here. There are good reasons for everything we're doing. It benefits you, us, and the entire users community.

So you have nothing to lose with this offer!

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