Tiho Brkan: Emerging Markets, Alternative Assets & Worldly Wisdom

This week I chat with Tiho Brkan. Tiho is a private investor managing a family office. Tiho provides HNWIs & Family Offices with attractive deal flow from Real Estate (Rehab, Developments, Distressed) & Stock market (Indexes & Sectors) asset buckets.

I’m stoked to bring you this conversation. Tiho is an incredible investor, thinker, and genuinely great human being. Listening to him talk you can feel the excitement he has for his craft. He’s a devout student of history, which you’ll learn as you listen. Our conversation runs the gambit and includes:

  • How to find deals
  • Lessons from the family business
  • What it means to invest globally
  • Why you should travel if you want to invest around the world
  • The power of studying history
  • Finding asymmetric and uncorrelated ideas

And more!

Here’s the time-stamp:

  • [4:10] Tiho Brkan’s Early Life And Background
  • [19:17] Asia’s Exploding Middle Class
  • [35:01] Tremendous Opportunity In Europe / Chandler Brothers
  • [51:02] Investment Idea: Litigation Finance
  • [75:05] High Valuations & High Returns … For How Long
  • [93:42] 50%+ Returns in Luxury Real Estate
  • [111:18] You Can Be Bearish & Long
  • [116:13] Closing Questions

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