If you cant beat them, join them

SitRep – If You Can’t Beat ’em, join ’em

The markets are rallying hard! In this Market Sitrep we explore what’s ahead for U.S. equities in the near term. We examine the 3 main drivers of the rally, and then dive into why this breakout may actually have some legs. The episode finishes with a look at all the stocks we have bought or are interested in buying. Read more

european equities

Market SitRep – Buying Spree

This episode of the Market Sitrep kicks off with a look at the ECB’s corporate bond buying program — an unprecedented central bank intervention that will hurt more than it will help. Next we take a look at Belgian equities which broke out to new highs and explain why the breakout is probably a false move. We finish up with a discussion of the “bad news is good news” effect. The central bank narrative is still controlling markets, but how long will it hold up?

Do you think the new addition to the ECB’s easing program will work? Let me know in the comments.

A link to the pdf presentation can be found here.



Market SitRep – Reach For Yield

In this week’s Market Sitrep – Reach For Yield we start off with examining the high-yield energy space. We focus in on David Tepper’s big bets in Williams Partners and Energy Transfer Partners. Next we discuss what bond duration means and its implications going forward. We take a look at an interactive bond calculator that shows changes in bond prices given a change in future interest rates. The duration discussion transitions into an overview of the popular 60/40 stock/bond portfolio. Performance in the last 5 years has been great, but future performance will not be. We finish off with an update on the US dollar index and its impact on the market and gold.

A pdf of the presentation can be found here.



Bitcoin and blockchain

Market SitRep – Blockchain

In this week’s Market SitRepBlockchain we discuss Bitcoin and the revolutionary blockchain technology it utilizes. We then review recent central bank announcements and take a look at some monthly charts to get a big picture view of markets. 

A PDF of the presentation can be found here.

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Market SitRep – Max Dissonance

This week’s Market SitRepMax Dissonance begins with a discussion of the “risk on, risk off” phenomenon where both defensive and offensive assets are catching a bid. We then take a hard look at long term equity valuations and explain why holding dry powder is more important than ever before.

A pdf of the presentation can be found here. Read more

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Market SitRep – Reflation Redux

This episode of the Market SitRepReflation Redux starts off with a discussion of China’s addiction to credit expansion and debt. We also touch on the crude oil market and explain why we think the “reflation” trade is nothing more than a short-term hope jag. Finally we cover quant/technical analysis of the S&P 500.

A PDF of the slide show can be found here. Read more

Market SitRep – Pushing On A String

This episode of the Market SitRepPushing On A String reveals how we’ve exited the era of central bank dominance. The “all powerful” policies put in place have stopped working and central banks around the world have lost control over the markets.

After we hate on central banking for a bit, we touch on the probability of a United States recession. The data is looking grim for stocks to say the least…

And finally we go over a few price charts of

  • S&P 500
  • Small Caps
  • Gold
  • IBB Biotech ETF
  • And Bitcoin

A pdf of the presentation can be accessed here. Read more

Market SitRep

Market SitRep – Tech Shenanigans

Check out the latest edition of the Market SitRep — Tech Shenanigans.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Updates on the USD bull market.
  • The unsustainability of the tech industry, with a special focus on Zenefits and Workday.
  • The weak jobs theme along with a technical review of staffing companies we’re looking to short.
  • A chart analysis of the S&P 500.

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China Devaluation & Shorting Apple

Market SitRep – China’s Reckoning

Alex here,

When I served as a Marine Scout Sniper, before any mission or exercise we would receive something called a Situation Report or “SitRep” for short. This briefing was meant to prepare us for a coming operation. It’d cover all conceivable risks and go over our plan of action in detail; how to act, and how to react to a range of possibilities. The SitRep was critical intel that my team needed to increase our odds of staying alive… and to increase our effectiveness at pulverising the enemy.

I’m excited to announce that today we’re rolling out our very first situation report for financial markets. The Market SitRep will prepare you for the week ahead as you go to battle in the capital markets. Our intent is to help give you an awareness of your environment that is critical to not just surviving… but thriving in these markets. Read more