Watch Out For The Bull Trap In Gold

bull trap in gold

Does the recent rally in gold give bulls the “All Clear” that it’s finally safe to come out?


Shorting Wheat Feels Like A Trap

Shorting Wheat Feels Like A Trap

  • There are many factors depressing the price of wheat including the general commodity bear market, wheat’s global supply glut, a strong dollar, and good weather.
  • But with overwhelmingly bearish expectations for wheat, is there any room left to the downside?
  • We believe expectations are too bearish and that El Niño is a strong candidate to surprise overly short investors and cause prices to rebound hard.

Every once in awhile you run across an irresistible chart pattern. A pattern that tempts you like no other. Even as a practitioner of , your trigger finger still itches at the sight of it. You can’t wait to jump in and ride that beautiful trend.

That’s the sensation we get when looking at wheat futures (/ZW) to the short side.

Wheat is pushing up against a huge support line. The horizontal extends all the way back to 2007. Break that level and look out below…. Read more