Market SitRep – Pushing On A String

This episode of the Market SitRepPushing On A String reveals how we’ve exited the era of central bank dominance. The “all powerful” policies put in place have stopped working and central banks around the world have lost control over the markets.

After we hate on central banking for a bit, we touch on the probability of a United States recession. The data is looking grim for stocks to say the least…

And finally we go over a few price charts of

  • S&P 500
  • Small Caps
  • Gold
  • IBB Biotech ETF
  • And Bitcoin

A pdf of the presentation can be accessed here. Read more

This Bull Market Is Over… Done… Dead: 3 Indicators Pointing Towards Major Trouble Ahead

We watch a whole host of macro indicators; they give us a peek under the hood of markets and the global economy. The thing about these indicators is that they are slow moving — they’re not something that need to be checked every day, nor every week.

98% of the time, these indicators point to smooth sailing ahead and signal we should stay on the bull, going long risk-assets.

The other 2%, these indicators start turning over and begin flashing warning signs. It generally starts with just a few, and we know not to be alarmed, only that we need to keep an eye on the exit.

And then, generally every 5-7 years, our indicators (all of them) start screaming “Danger..Danger…Danger”. When this happens, we know it’s time to start tactically managing our longs and to loosen the leash on our inner-bear – and begin looking for opportunities to plunge to the short side. Read more