Episode 5 with Darren Fong: Everything You Need To Know About Canadian Small-Cap Investing

In today’s episode I chat with Darren Fong. Darren is a portfolio manager at Calgary-based Investment firm Acumen Capital. Since the Fund’s inception (March, 11 2016), Darren’s outperformed the TSX Small Cap Index by nearly 600bps annually.

Darren dives into the nuances of investing in Canadian small-cap companies. Differences in Canadian management teams and how they allocate capital. We then chat about Darren’s investment process, how he finds stocks, and what makes his process unique.

Finally, Darren breaks down how first-time investors should approach the Canadian markets (it’s not all energy companies!)

If you want to know more about Darren, check him out on Twitter @dsunfong or his firm’s website

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