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Hextar Global (HEXTAR): A Good Co. / Bad Co. Agrochemical Opportunity

Hextar Global (HEXTAR) engages in the manufacturing, formulation,…
January 13, 2021/by Brandon Beylo
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Top Glove (BVA.SGX): 17% Returns In A Boring Glove Maker


Top Glove (BVA) is the world’s largest manufacturer…
January 6, 2021/by Brandon Beylo

Fever-Tree PLC (FEVR): Attacking The Forgotten 3/4ths of Your Drink

Our Collective members receive new investment ideas every week.…
December 31, 2020/by Brandon Beylo
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Super Stock Case Study: Rightmove PLC (RMV)

Rightmove plc (RMV) operates a property portal in the United…
December 30, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

How To Spot Increasing Returns Businesses

“My plan is to start from a completely blank state, taking…
December 23, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

It’s Markov All The Way Down (A Mental Model For Investing & Everything Else)

Fighter pilots have to worry about a lot in the sky. Not only…
December 16, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Snapchat: A New Way To View The Bull Thesis

Snapchat (SNAP) is on fire. The stock’s up 194% YTD with no…
December 9, 2020/by Brandon Beylo Mr. Market’s Latest Enterprise Software AI IPO

“And it is why digital transformation can be so frightening:…
December 2, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

AI in Finance: Revamping Competitive Advantages

“It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will…
November 25, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Reviewing Our Four Biggest Winners of 2020

We’ve had a good year in our equity portfolio. Times like these…
November 21, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

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