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Episode 26: A Permanent Place For Hyper-Niche Software w/ Michael Girdley, Dura Software

This episode is brought to you by TIKR. Join the free beta…
May 22, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 25: How To Create Your Own Float w/ Kirk Du Plessis, OptionAlpha

Can't believe we've made it 25 episodes!

We couldn't…
May 15, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 24: More Than Shipping Stocks w/ Harris Kupperman, Praetorian Capital

I'm thrilled to bring you Episode 24, my chat with Harris…
May 8, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 23: Managing Through A Crisis w/ Bill Brewster, SCG Capital

Today's guest is Bill Brewster. Bill is the founder and…
May 1, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 22: Mid-Caps & More with George Livadas, Upslope Capital

Episode 22 is live!

This week we've got George Livadas…
April 24, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 21: How To Fix A Business In 100 Days w/ Jeff Sands, Dorset Partners

What better time to have a turnaround expert on the…
April 17, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 20: Survival of The Permanent w/ Brent Beshore, Permanent Equity

We've made it to a huge milestone: 20 podcast episodes.

April 10, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 19: What I Learned From Over 600 Blog Posts, The Science of Hitting

Episode 19 is here! I'm excited to bring y'all my conversation…
April 3, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 18: Lessons in Options Trading, Credit Markets and Balance Sheets w/ Fil Zucchi

Better late than never, right?

On Episode 18 of the Value…
March 28, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Episode 17: The Power of Owner Operators with Chris Mayer, Woodlock House Family Capital

Chris Mayer is an author and fund manager. He's written…
March 20, 2020/by Brandon Beylo
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Four New Ideas, Gavin Baker & Howard Marks

We hope you enjoyed your extended weekend! As the weather warms…
May 27, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Crisis Investing, Value vs. Growth, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcies

As always, hope you had a great week. I got to spend the weekend…
May 20, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Carvana, Peloton & A Cheap Portuguese Company

Hope you had a great week and weekend. Golf courses in MD finally…
May 13, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

More Letters From Your Favorite Investors

If you’re like me, you missed Berkshire Hathaway’s annual…
May 6, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

More Letters From Your Favorite Investors

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this…
April 29, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Another Round of Q1 Investor Letters: New Ideas & Fresh Perspectives

We had a lot go down in the value space last week. Remember when…
April 22, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Q1 Letters Are Here: The Latest Ideas From Our Favorite Investors

Do you know what time it is? It’s Q1 Investor Letter time!…
April 15, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Burry Finds Twitter, Japanese Net-Nets and How To Invest in Distress

We made it past Q1 2020. Are you still alive? Times like these…
April 8, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

Fresh Ideas From Great Investors & More COVID-19 Fallout

Didn’t March feel like an eternity? Not even the entire month.…
April 1, 2020/by Brandon Beylo

The Fed’s Unlimited QE, PE Discrepancies and Michael Mauboussin’s Latest Paper

The FED threw the kitchen sink, refrigerator, dining room table…
March 25, 2020/by Brandon Beylo
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