The Quantitative Earnings System
Use our algorithmic trading system to conquer earnings season and more than double your money at risk in just a few days…
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  • Instructor: Chris D
  • Lessons: 9 + Special Bonus!
  • Access: Lifetime access
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What You'll Get:
  • A fully-coded algorithm that identifies the best equity targets to buy before their earnings report so you can profit on the post-earnings spike… all with ZERO time spent researching the company
  • The 7-step plan to execute a perfect entry, including a counter-intuitive technique that’ll reduce your losing trades by over 50%
  • A quantitative regime identifier that’ll automatically find the optimal market sector to deploy your trades in, greatly increasing your win percentage
  • A detailed, bulletproof checklist that’ll walk you step by step through successfully executing the Quantitative Earnings System from start to finish, even if you’ve never used a trading system before
  • Custom technical indicators you can add to your price charts to improve your profits on your entries and exits
  • On-demand video trainings that’ll show you exactly how to use this system with live trade examples
You’re getting our complete Quantitative Earnings System that maintains a 75% win rate and only takes a few minutes a day to execute. We’ll teach you exactly how to use it so you can become consistently profitable in the market right away.

Chris D.

Systems Trading Expert

Chris has traded the markets for over 20 years, first as prop trader and later as a hedge fund manager. During that time he pulled millions of dollars from the market. Nowadays he manages his own family office while traveling the world with his wife.  
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What This System Will Give You:
Safety & Peace Of Mind

The media bombards us every day with warnings about the coming market crash and recession. 

Are they exaggerating? 

Of course they are… they just need you to click on their headlines. 

The truth is that no one can predict exactly when the next market crash and recession are coming. 

BUT… we are in the very late stages of this bull market. And although we don’t know exactly when the market will reverse, we do know that it will eventually turn

This fact worries most traders. They’re not sure if they’re prepared. They don’t know what’ll happen to their savings if there’s another 2008 style crash. 

But our team doesn’t give it a second thought. We don’t have to. 

With systems like our Quantitative Earnings System in place, we know how we’ll perform. In 2008 our team made a 52% return with our systems while most people blew up. 

That’s the power of having a system on your side. You can keep your peace of mind and remain safe in a crash. 

Confidence & Consistency

Markets are full of randomness. But that doesn’t mean your trading has to be random. 

With the right system you’ll know your probabilities — how often you’ll win, lose, break-even, your average number of trades, max loss, max win, and everything else in between. 

You’ll never know exactly what’ll happen with your next trade. But with the data a system provides you’ll know what your long term average returns will be. 

Instead of that anxiety and fear that usually comes before placing a trade, when you have no idea what’ll happen, with no clue whether you’re making the right or wrong move… with a system you’ll feel confident and secure in placing your next trade because you know the probabilities are on your side. You know if you keep executing the system, you’ll be profitable in the long term. 

Understanding your long term returns also gives you consistency. You can get insight into how much you’ll make per week, month, year… that way you can use your market returns to supplement your income.

Your Optimal Lifestyle

Our Quantitative Earnings System takes advantage of earnings reports and the resulting reaction in stock prices. 

Earnings only happen four times a year… 

This is a feature, not a bug. 

Minimizing your trading to a few, restricted periods is very beneficial. Not only does it force you to stick to the best setups and avoid over-trading, but you also get freedom with your time.

This system only takes a few minutes a day to execute during earnings season. You'll skip the endless hours spent researching a company's fundamentals, guessing how its earnings will play out... our quantitative algorithm takes care of all that for you. It’s efficient and streamlined. 

This means more freedom for you. You don't have to be glued to your screen all day. You can go live your life. 

Our head systems trader at Fallible & Macro Ops — Chris — he only spends 20 minutes a day trading. This Quantitative Earnings System is his creation. He made it the same way he makes all his systems — super efficient. 

He doesn’t have time to be stuck at his desk. He’s travelling to a new location every week. He chose to get rid of his house and live around the world in various luxury Airbnb’s with his wife. Being chained to a desk doesn’t work for that jet setting lifestyle. 

Chris is also all about body optimization. He sleeps 9+ hours a night and spends most of the day meditating, lifting heavy weights, alternating between ice baths and saunas, and doing endurance training in the different natural habitats he travels to (forests, mountains, deserts, etc). This obviously takes more than a few hours, which is once again why he can’t be at his desk. 

He has freedom with his time. He can do whatever he wants! And with the right trading system in place, you can do the same. 

Now Chris is a nut. You don’t have to spend all day working out like him. You can spend your time travelling, seeing family, relaxing, whatever you want. 

The point is that you’ll have freedom with your time.

And this system’s returns will help you towards financial freedom as well. Freedom with time and money… that’s the dream. And it’s what you need to live your optimal lifestyle. 

You Can't Predict Earnings But…

We all wish we could. Because around earnings is when a company’s stock price moves the most! If only you could profit off that big move… 

But it just seems so random. 

How many times have you seen a solid earnings report, beating all the analysts’ expectations, but the stock price tanks anyway? 

What about when a company completely misses its estimate and the stock price actually jumps? 

It doesn’t make sense! And that’s because the expectations of investors are tough to gauge. You don’t always know what the market is thinking. 

That being said… there's a way to put the odds in your favor so you can profit off these earnings moves. 

Our Quantitative Earnings System does this by first analyzing each individual market sector in the S&P 500 including energy, financials, health care, real estate, and more. 

Our algorithm calculates a number for each sector that tells us whether or not that sector falls into the “Bull Quiet” regime. 

It’s important to establish the market regime because that gives us a clue to how prices will move. In a Bull Quiet regime we can expect prices to slowly trend higher while continuing to mean revert. 

This knowledge gives us an edge because we have a better idea of how prices will move around earnings.

Once the algorithm finds the market sectors in this profitable regime, it then pinpoints the best stocks in those sectors that have the highest probability of moving higher before earnings. 

From there we use our custom technical indicators to profitably enter and exit these stocks around the earnings date. 

The result is a 75% win rate that only takes a few minutes to execute.  

So no… we can’t predict earnings… but we sure as hell can put the probabilities in our favor and profit from big earnings moves. 

Here’s How We’ll Do It

You’ll get access to a set of 10 on-demand, in-depth training videos that’ll teach you exactly how our Quantitative Earnings System works and how to use it. The trainings include step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Run our fully-coded algorithm that identifies the best equity targets to buy before their earnings report so you can profit on the post-earnings spike
  • Organize your price charts with technical tools adjusted with our custom settings that’ll optimize your entries and exits
  • Execute our 7-step entry plan, that includes a counter-intuitive entry style that’ll reduce your losing trades by over 50%
  • Utilize options to supercharge your system's returns   
  • And much more… 

All the tools you need to execute this system, including our algorithm will be provided. You’ll also have live video examples of the system in action so you can fully understand how it works. 

In addition to that you'll get full access to Chris, our head systems trader at Fallible & Macro Ops. He’ll be able to answer any questions you might have while learning and executing the system. 

At the end of this you’ll have a profitable system that you can deploy right away. The Quantitative Earnings System has a 75% win rate and takes as little as 20 minutes a day to execute.

Will this system work with any brokerage? Does Robinhood work?
Yes, we made sure this system was equity based so that it would work with any brokerage. You don’t need any special margin account or access to forex and futures.
I’ve never traded a system before. Can I still do this?
Absolutely. We’ve made this system as clear to use as possible. Most of it is done for you. Of course prior experience helps in any endeavor, but we’ve purposely made the learning curve small here so you can become profitable right away.
Do I need a day trading account for this system?
Nope, we made sure the trade periods were long enough that you won’t run into day trading issues.
I have a small trading account, can this system still work for me?
Yup! This is another reason we stuck to equities and avoided day trading. We wanted to make sure traders with small accounts could still profit using the system.
Do I need to know how to code or program for this system?
Nope, no coding necessary. We give you the algorithm pre-coded. It’s just plug and play for you so that you can start profiting immediately.
Will this system keep working through a recession?
Yes, this system will keep working through a recession. If there are no trades to take and markets are too dangerous, this system will keep you out of the market and safe. You’ll be in cash while others lose their shirts.
How do I know this system will keep working and won’t fail?
This is the same system Chris uses every earnings season. It’s robust enough to continue working in perpetuity, but in the rare chance it does stop working, Chris is right there to adjust it to make it profitable again. You’ll get that information immediately. We don’t see that as a likely scenario though.
"I have been day trading for the last 10 years and it was mostly based on market feel. Then I came across this course offered by Chris. Initially I was skeptical, but I’m glad I joined. Chris is a fantastic guy. He not only taught me how to see markets in different regimes but he also helped me with live market examples so that I got most of the learning in real-time"

~ AJ — Senior Trader, Fortitude International, DMCC Dubai 

"Chris takes you on the journey of HOW to become a consistently profitable trader. Using his background as a former marine combined with 20+ years of trading in the markets, he shows you that hard work and discipline will bring you the results you want. He covers market environments and trade setups together with risk management. He demonstrates that when all is said and done, traders trade their 'beliefs' about the market and therefore how important is to make sure those 'beliefs' are correct. During the process you can expect to find insights in the market that you would never otherwise realise"

~ Sam S. — Derivatives trader, London

"Chris is extremely generous with his time and always willing to answer any questions. He also tells you how it really is, no BS, which can be unpleasant, but his years in the markets has afforded him the ability to pass sage advice. I highly recommend Chris’ course"
~ Ethan F.
"Chris’ webinars and advice on systematic trading, back testing, and price action were invaluable to me as a beginning systematic trader.  Like many people, I jumped from shiny object to shiny object, looking for the magic solution to becoming consistently profitability. In reality, learning the process of building a system and putting in the work to execute it is what was needed and Chris did a great job in teaching me the process"
~ EP – Orange County
"Chris provided the framework to be able to execute my own tradeable system. Prior to taking this course I had spent thousands of hours reading books, going to conferences, and watching videos but none of it provided me any empirical system that I could trade where I would know how much I could expect to make on a given trade. After taking this course I now know"
~ Ryan K.
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