The Macro Ops Podcast

The Macro Ops Podcast focuses on global macro trading. But we reach further than just finance, learning from people in all walks of life in order to bring that mindset, those skills, and that thinking into making ourselves better all around.

Global Macro and Value Investing Collide, With Mr. Bean

Today I introduce Macro Ops’ newest addition, “Mr. Bean”. Mr. Bean is a value investor with over 13 years experience. We start with a discussion on the shippers sector, a longer term theme we are following closely here at Macro Ops. In addition to his work on value investing we cover lifestyle, health and wellness, […]

Tesla Short Catalysts, Eurodollar Threats and Uranium with Biren Shah

This week I (Chris) speak with fellow Operator, Biren Shah who currently runs a family office. Apple Google Podcasts Spotify Overcast Pocket Casts Anchor Stitcher Breaker Radio Public Biren is very bearish on Tesla, and in this show he breaks down his core reasons why. Biren has written a lot more on this subject on […]

Shippers – Bottom Fishing With Alex Barrow

Today I speak with Alex Barrow, founder of Macro Ops and our resident bird fan, or as he prefers ornithologist. Anywhoooo- Alex has shippers on his mind. You can read more about his thoughts in his most recent research report here. If you’ve listened to Alex and I speak before, you know that we tend […]