The Macro Ops Podcast

The Macro Ops Podcast focuses on global macro trading. But we reach further than just finance, learning from people in all walks of life in order to bring that mindset, those skills, and that thinking into making ourselves better all around.

Macro Ops Weekly Macro Chart Review

This week Chris goes over the major currencies, bonds, indices, commodities, then jumps into the MSCI index of ETF’s and finishes with a look at the Crypto Markets. We are building out a video platform and these chart reviews will also be available with chart book’s and videos in the coming weeks.  For now you […]

Global Macro Chart Review

The dollar is on everyone’s radar here during FOMC meeting week. After an initial breakout against major currency pairs, the dollar is taking a breather putting the entire macro complex on hold. This episode we break down all the action in the following markets: DXY EUR GBP Yen Aussie Dollar Kiwi Loony Swiss Franc 30 […]

The Global Macro Picture Is Ready To Explode With Alex Barrow

This episode I talk with Alex Barrow Co-Founder and Chief Macro Strategist of Macro Ops. We discuss the major moves that are shaping up in the global macro space. Here are the links to all major platforms for your listening convenience.  Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Anchor Stitcher Pocket Casts Breaker Overcast Radio Public In […]