Myles Danielsen: An Inside Look at Institutional Allocators



Myles Danielsen joins the Hive this week to chat all things Institutional Investment Allocation. According to his firm’s website, Myles is a Principal at Hall Capital Partners LLC in the Public Equity group, responsible for research, identification, due diligence, and monitoring of long-only public equity investments and long-short equity hedge funds.

In addition to his core role in public equities, he is a key member of the Cross Asset Research & Strategy team.

Myles spends an hour and a half dissecting the institutional investment business, giving us an inside look at where allocators invest, why they choose one firm over another, and where they see opportunities ahead.

This podcast is a MUST LISTEN for new/emerging fund managers who want to learn what it takes to get a check from an institutional allocator.

We discuss a wide range of topics, including:

If you want to learn more about Myles Danielsen, check him out on Twitter! You can also reach him at his firm’s website, Hall Capital.

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