Jason Greenwald: Luck, Real Estate and The Power of Ego

This week we’re stoked to bring you our conversation with Jason Greenwald. Jason is a full-time investor allocating capital between private real estate and public markets. On the real estate side, Jason buys all his properties in foreclosure auctions. In public equities, he wants to buy great businesses at great prices.

Jason’s real estate experience biases him towards a long-term public equity mindset. He’ll gladly buy and hold investments as long as the thesis is working and his returns are as good or better than his real estate holdings.

We covered a whole host of topics, including:

  • The power of luck
  • Stories from the live auctions
  • Staying patient when others are greedy
  • Buying at the right price
  • Knowing when your ego is getting in the way
And more! 

This was my first free-form podcast format and I loved it. Please let me know what you think with a rating and review. Do you want to see more free-form styles? If so, let me know!

Make sure to follow Jason Greenwald on Twitter @JGreenwald86


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