Ready to jump into the world of global macro?

Of course you are.

In an era of centrally planned markets and zero interest rates, investors are getting killed. It’s all risk and no reward.

Global macro is the answer.

The real question is why you aren’t already running this strategy to take advantage of these bizarro markets. But I think I know the answer to that one…

The problem is that there’s been no effective way to learn global macro. Maybe you read a couple books. Maybe you get your hands on a few research reports. And then hopefully, after years of trial and error and tons of money paid in “tuition” to the markets, you can string together some semblance of decent strategy.

It’s a rough road to say the least…

But fortunately it doesn’t have to be. Our team at Macro Ops has created the first intro to global macro investing course available on the web.

We call it:

Global Macro Investing – Learn To Trade Stocks, Bonds, Forex, Gold, And Commodities On A Global Scale

Global Macro Trading and Investing Course

In this 2-hour video course you’ll learn:

  • The history of global macro and how it’s made a number of investors billionaires

  • The reason it’s so effective and why it’ll never stop winning in the markets

  • The macro analytical framework known as the Marcus Trifecta, which is used to profitably trade any market around the world

  • How global macro is actually used, with real-life examples of huge macro trades over the past few years

  • And much more…

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