Harris Perlman: Finding Hidden Treasure w/ @OtterMarket


We’re stoked to have Harris Perlman join The Hive this week. Harris is a full-time investor specializing in micro-cap/nano-cap stocks all across the globe. If it’s tiny, obscure, off-the-beaten-path, and with a bit of hair, odds are Harris has studied it. To get an idea of who he is, know this. Harris has gone from A-Z on both the OTC Market Exchange and the Canadian TSX Exchange. Yep, that’s dedication.

This week Harris dives deep into his investment process and philosophy. He shares mistakes he’s made along the way, lessons learned from past (and current) winners, as well as revealing his method for finding such unique stocks. There are loads of golden information nuggets along with our 1.5HR conversation. I know you’ll love it.

Here are the time-stamps:

  • [2:00] Intro Questions
  • [4:00] Finding Patterns in Companies
  • [16:00] Learning From Past Mistakes
  • [28:00] Starting With The A’s … And Finishing
  • [36:00] All Things Energy Stocks
  • [50:00] XPEL & Finding Your Strike Zone
  • [69:00] Modeling & Conviction Levels
  • [90:00] Closing Questions

If you liked Harris, please follow him on Twitter @OtterMarket

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